Our mission...

  • To support teens between the ages of 16-19 in our online teen support group.

  • Send them a Milo&Me care package in time of need. (read below to learn about the contents of the care packages)

  • To educate others and break the stigma on epilepsy.

Hi! I'm Sophia. When I was two and a half, I was diagnosed with absence seizures. When I was 7, I had an EEG, and a dog approached the door. It was my first time meeting and learning about a therapy dog. From that day onward, my mom and I made sure someone else would feel that excitement and joy with our dog.

​I created Milo&Me to be a safe place for teens with epilepsy. As of right now, we have a group chat for girls with epilepsy (ages 16-19) to share their experiences through our Instagram support group chat. We try to do monthly zoom meetings and if I find people in my area, do a few in person. This way, Milo can really shine and do some therapy work to break the ice!

I started something for the girls in our chat called the "care package" program. The care package program is what I think makes Milo&Me different from others; when the girls in my chat are struggling/celebrating, I send them a care package with custom Milo&Me merchandise that my friends have made for us.

​As of right now, we are not a non-profit, but I hope to become one in the near future.

This organization has given me a drive to help spread epilepsy awareness. So far, because of this, I was given the opportunity to speak at Capitol Hill through the Epilepsy Foundations Teens Speak Up! Program, and be the featured speaker at the Epilepsy Foundation of CT's "Think Positive Gala".

In a perfect world, my goal would be that epilepsy can have as much awareness as breast cancer. You wouldn't be able to walk down any street in November without it being decked out in purple. With your help, we can make this dream a reality, so stay a while because I have only started!


care packages sent out to our girls!


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